Tuesday 23rd October 2012 – North of Liuyuan to Liuyuan.

North of Liuyuan to Liuyuan. 31 miles.

The bike was frozen again, I thawed it out with hot water but by the time I’d loaded it all up it had frozen again! I still find it hard to believe that it does freeze, but I’ve got a theory on it! When I was in Australia and I had the bike serviced, I got them to re-grease the front bearings and I’m thinking that because the climate is a lot warmer there, their grease isn’t as frost proof! Maybe!

Short ride today wanted to make sure I had a hotel for the night.

In the cafe lunchtime I was doing english lessons with the young girl, who must have been about 11, that was good fun.

Busy little town, I think that a lot of traders come here by train for the day to sell there wares.

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