Tuesday 24th April. Crystal Palace.

I decided not to move anywhere today and just stayed put. I found yesterday’s ride across London, which was only 16-miles very hard and painful, because of my hip! Thinking that this morning after a good night’s sleep it would be okay, obviously it wasn’t! So rather than get the train home and be bored I thought I would just rest up here for the day, then see how it is tomorrow! Quite literally all I’ve done all day is stay in the tent apart from early this morning and for a while this afternoon when I went up to the camp office and spoke with Kay and Rick!

A white dog
Billy the dog

All being well I’ll continue on tomorrow if not I’ll end this ride and get the train home!

Bike in some bushes
Passepartout hiding in the bushes

Last night was a laugh with Kay and Rick along with some lovely red wine consumed!

2 Replies to “Tuesday 24th April. Crystal Palace.”

  1. Hey Garry you’re struggling. Was that a photo of Crystal Palace? I’m hoping to visit the Dulwich art gallery this year. Have you been to Hornimans Museum? Incidentallly, tell Ray that I was on the Parade when the Palace was burnt down in 1937. Get some toe clips – they will help you to turn the pedals.
    Best wishes Malcolm

    1. Struggling is a bit of an understatement, it’s bloody hard work but still good fun!
      That was just another picture of Dulwich college taken the day before.
      Don’t tend to do museums or anything to cultural for that matter!
      Already use toe clips, it’s the upward motion that hurts the most!

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