Tuesday 24th January 2011 – Louanghrabang to Kioukacham.

Louanghrabang to Kioukacham. 55 miles

Was up nice and early today as I knew there was a big climb to come. Loaded the bike up and then went for breakfast. I do wish these hotels that advertise and supply a breakfast would put enough staff on to cope, there was loads of chinese staying for the new year and there just wasn’t enough food to go round, as soon as they brought something out it was gone. I decided to just sit back and wait until they’d all had enough and then try and get mine, consequently it took ages, normally I’d have given up but I thought I’ve paid for this and I need some food inside me for the big climb.

Eventually left the hotel at just after 8, an hour later than I wanted to be on the road but nothing I could do about. Set off and for the first 20km it was mainly down hill, I was beginning to wonder if I’d been misinformed, although I had been told by several different people. Then it began, although it wasn’t too bad as I was joined by a French couple that were also cycling, so going up the 20km or so climb wasn’t to bad as I had some new people to bore! Got to the top and said goodbye as I wanted to get a lot further than they did and I knew I’d be quicker going down hill because of the weight I carry, on the bike I mean, not me anymore, I’m like a toned athlete now! The downhill was good but it didn’t last, as I was soon going up hill again. Spent the afternoon going up hill and even staying in a guest house at the top of the mountain, so should be down hill for 30 or more kilometres tomorrow, I hope! My kind of place tonight, cheap and the bikes in the room with me, so I know it’s safe and I don’t have to unload it and they’ve got a restaurant. Bit worried though as in the garden behind the restaurant there are some monkeys in cages, hope their pets and not to be served in the restaurant!

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