Tuesday 24th July. St Richard’s Hospital, Chichester.Still here!

They got me standing again today, all by upper body strength and not my legs! They also got me to have a go at walking, that was so painful and they could see it! I couldn’t move my left leg at all! So they gave up, thankfully!

I think it was after that, they decided send me for CT scan, which never really showed anything up!

CT scanner
CT scanner

After that scan I was moved to the Emergency floor, which was a lot cooler and also had windows! That last ward had know windows at all and no air!

They’re now on about an MRI scan!

I’m also on nil by mouth from midnight tonight!

I’ve had a temperature on and off since I arrived in a&e at the weekend! Today it was 39°! I’m constantly sweating, the bed in the morning was soaked through! And had to be changed every morning!

Apologies if these posts don’t make a lot of sense! I’m pretty spaced out most times, what with my fever and the extra oramorth! They’ve been giving me!

8 Replies to “Tuesday 24th July. St Richard’s Hospital, Chichester.Still here!”

  1. Frustrating when you’re clearly not well and the medical experts just don’t know what is causing the problem. High temp, 39* and consistently high temps can lead to seizures. IV antibiotics should bring that down. Thinking of you.

    1. Luckily for me they did work out what was wrong with me and were able to sort it out!
      Hope you’re keeping well.

    1. I wish was able but, not this time unfortunately! A drink would go down really well, but I’m still on nil by mouth!

  2. I wish you that he cause of all your troubles will be found soon. After a speedy recovery.
    My only trouble (sweating) was climbing Col du Grand Colombier in Rhone.Alps ,France at 32 C and sunshine,

    1. I know how that feels when you’re ploughing up some hill! Annoying as it is, I’d take that sweating over this one, even just laying here it’s pouring from me!

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