Tuesday 24th September 2013. Donaueschingen to Lindau.

Donaueschingen to Lindau. 80 miles.

Much better ride today and not just because it was mainly flat, although it certainly made a difference! It was more the fact that I knew where I was going rather than just ambling along hoping I’m going in the right direction!
I was on cycle paths for most of today but at least they made sense or maybe if I just kept lake Constance on my right I knew I would be ok!
Loads of other cyclists today this is obviously a popular cycle route although I’m not sure which one but it is a long distance one.
Got joined by some other bloke today who was just out on a day ride, managed to lose him pretty quickly he kept trying to tell me jokes which I really didn’t find funny and he would ride all over the place blocking other cyclists.

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