European Bike Ride 24th-September-2013

Garry McGivern’s European bike ride, Tuesday, 24th-September-2013. Donaueschingen to Lindau. 80 miles. A much better day today, and not just because it’s been mainly flat, but it’s certainly made a difference! It’s been more that I’ve known where I was going. Rather than just ambling along, hoping I’m going in the right direction! On one side of me, today has been Lake Constance. And on the other side of me, there have been hills covered in vineyards. I also saw a Zeppelin fly over, advertising the Zeppelin museum, which must have been close by.

Cars street buildings
The pretty town of Meersburg

I’ve been on plenty of cycle paths again today, but at least I could follow them quite easily. I just kept Lake Constance on my right. It was easy. And it’s obviously a popular cycle route, as there have plenty of other cyclists. I know the route around Lake Constance is part of one of the Eurovelo routes, but I’m unsure which one.

I got joined by another cyclist who was out on a day ride this afternoon, god he was annoying! He kept trying to tell me jokes that I really didn’t find funny, and he was riding all over the place, blocking other cyclists. I managed to lose him pretty quickly.

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