Tuesday 26th May. Porto to Campos. 72 miles.

Another hard day with a strong headwind! This morning was fine and I was making good progress, I found my way out of Porto without any problem at all but then I shouldn’t really as I use the gps and route finder on my phone these days it’s so much easier and saves going miles in the wrong direction! It does take a bit of the fun and unknown aspect away but it’s certainly a lot easier and less stressful! As I said I’ve had a strong headwind but I wanted to get as far as Vigo in Spain and stop there for the night. It was pretty slow and hard going with the wind but I got to Caminha where there’s a ferry that crosses the Rio Mino to Spain. When I turned up I saw the ferry was in port but there weren’t any vehicles waiting so I assumed I had a little while before it left and went into town to get some water and food, after I’d got my supplies I went back to the ferry still there wasn’t any other vehicles it was deserted, it was like a ghost town, I had a good look around but couldn’t find any body or any signs saying anything so I Googled it and found out that it doesn’t run anymore but may do soon, fat lot of good that is to me! Bar do ferry more like Bar doh! Ferry! I had no choice but to follow the Rio Mino up stream to a bridge that crossed it about 8 miles away then it would have meant another 8 miles back the other way to get me to the same point on the other side of the Rio, so I’ve changed my route which might work out for the better or it might not we’ll see tomorrow! After finding that the ferry no longer ran I was a little deflated! So I didn’t go much further till I stopped.

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