Tuesday 27th December 2011, Calcutta

Had a shave first thing, just outside the hotel by a street trader, it’s so cheap it’s easier to get them to do it!

Went for a ride around Calcutta, rather than walk, I can cover more ground. Can’t say that there’s a lot to see really!

Managed to sort of fix my camera mounting on the bike. It got broke about a week or so back when I left it on the bike over night.

Got my visa for Bangladesh, so straight after breakfast I’m on my way again, should get to Dhaka Fri or Sat, then I’ve got to stay there for a few days while I sort out visa for China. But should meet up with my friends the Barr family, who have been cycling in Bangladesh over Christmas which will be good and I’ll be able to spend New Year with them.

Be glad when the next few weeks are over, once I get my visa for Laos in China it should be a lot easier as visas can then be got at the borders.

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  1. Hi Spike:-)
    China! Amazing!!! Can’t wait to hear all all about it. Take care and have a very happy New Year with your friends. Liz x

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