Tuesday 28th August 2012 – Eskene to Atyrau.

Eskene to Atyrau. 39 miles.

Slept really well last night and no rush to get up, I only had about 30 or so miles to do today, but I wanted to still be up early so I could pack away before I was spotted, not that I think it would be a problem, better to be safe than sorry I though!

Made it into Atyrau just before midday and had a little ride around looking for a hotel, I’d already sorted out which hotel to stay at when I was in Aktrau it was the sister hotel of the one I stayed at in Aktrau. I did have a look around to see if there was any other, maybe cheaper hotels, but in the end decided to come here. Wanted a fairly descent hotel as I’m leaving my bike and bags all here when I have to fly to Turkey, which is all a bit worrying!

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