Tuesday 28th February 2012 – Ketaun to Bengkulu

Ketaun to Bengkulu. 58 miles.

The road was nowhere as near as bad as it had been yesterday in fact I think it was only bad for the first hour or two.

Stopped for a haircut and shave today, I was starting to feel scruffy, also managed to clean my chain and the rest of the bike, quite a productive day really and still managed to stop at a reasonably early time.

Stopped to get a bite to eat and drink earlier and was just sitting there drinking, I think I looked down at my phone, but the next minute when I looked up everybody had disappeared. Now i know I sweat a lot, but I’m sure I don’t smell that much! Thankfully It wasn’t because of me or at least that’s what they said, apparently there was a snake outside, don’t know if it was poisonous or not, but everybody was making a bit of a fuss about it, I had a look but couldn’t see it. Think I saw a crocodile in one of the rivers today, I wasn’t 100% sure if it was or not and by the time I’d got my camera out whatever it was had gone.

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