Bike-Ride to Australia 28th-February-2012

Bike-Ride to Australia Tuesday 28th-February-2012. Ketaun to Bengkulu. 58 miles. Thankfully the hills haven’t been anywhere near as bad as yesterday. That’s Sod’s law. I’d bought a rope and some crampons last night! The first few hours were hard going, but then I found myself cycling on the coast again. With miles and miles of lovely golden sand and not a tourist or sun longer insight! The roads had also levelled out.

Small island
Yay, back on the coast

I stopped for lunch at one of the many food stalls that sit beside the roads. It was a busy little place, which is always a good sign, and there was only one table left. I sat at the table and waited for my food. While waiting, I looked at my phone, probably writing notes for today’s blog. Then when I looked up, everybody had disappeared! Now I know it’s hot and I sweat a lot, but I’m sure I didn’t smell that bad!

Thankfully everybody hadn’t moved because of me. Or that’s what they said! No, apparently there was a snake in the small patch of scrub next to the café! Thanks for telling me! I got up and looked from a distance but couldn’t see anything. And people gradually drifted back to their tables. I don’t know if it was poisonous or not, but judging by everybody else’s reaction, it may well have been.

Time To Smarten Up

After everybody had run away from me in the café, I thought it might be a good idea to a get haircut and shave. Barbers always have problems shaving me; Western stubble is a lot harder than Asians. Their stubble is very whispery and more like bum fluff! I also gave my bike a clean, and now we’re both looking clean and presentable!

I think I may have seen a crocodile in one of the rivers today. I presume it wasn’t Eddie’s crocodile that had followed me! I wasn’t 100% sure if it was or not, but by the time I’d got my camera out whatever it was had gone.

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