Tuesday 29th July. Cheltenham.

As I said yesterday I did decide not to move today, I was too tired last night to look at the map to see where to go! Bit of a new problem to me this, normally I know exactly where I’m heading, I might not know the precise route but I always have an end point whereas on this trip I do have an end point but it’s back where I started without any real destination in between! After having time to think and look at the map today I’ve decided that it’s best if I just take my time and head home, there’s nowhere I really want to go to or see and I can’t see the point of cycling around just for the sake of it! It’s a lovely little campsite that I’ve found myself stopping at, the people who run it David and Laura are lovely they just can’t do enough for you! It’s quite a busy site but then you’d expect that at this time of year, apparently there’s some religious seminar going on at the Cheltenham race course and a lot of people staying here are attending it, how do I know? Because they’ve all been tagged with wrist bands! It was very quiet this morning as they all went off to the seminars then at about midday they all came back and had some lunch, after lunch it was just the women that went back leaving the men and children behind (not such a peaceful afternoon!) Then at about 6 o’clock the men and children left again leaving me in peace! I’ve spent most of the day just lazing around the tent and doing odd bits a really lazy day!

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