Bike-Ride To Australia 29th-November 2011

Bike-Ride To Australia 29th-November 2011 Istanbul to Uzuntarla 70 miles. I took a nice leisurely breakfast this morning, before saying goodbye to the staff, who have all been so helpful and friendly. It’s been a nice relaxing weekend playing the tourist! It’s always hard to get going again after a few days off, especially after such a pleasant break.

I caught the ferry across the Bosporus, which I think was the only option open to me. It took about 15 minutes and cost less than a pound, under a pound, to go from Europe to Asia! The Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge doesn’t allow bikes on it. And besides, the ferry terminal was just down the road from the hotel.

Istanbul from the ferry
Last look back across the Bosphorus to Istanbul

Not a very enjoyable ride today! Once across the Bosporus, I was back into all that traffic, I had hoped that it wouldn’t be so bad going out of the city as it was when I arrived, but it was! The roads themselves are fine. It’s just the volume of traffic. My ears are ringing!

I found a nice cheap hotel tonight; it’s only cost me £15! I don’t like the news coming from Iran! There’s news that the British embassy in Tehran has been invaded and taken over! And I don’t think it’s going to get any better before I get there! I might have to start looking at other options.

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