Cycle Touring Spain Tuesday 2nd June. Bay of Biscay to Portsmouth then cycle home. 33 miles.

The ferry crossing was ok and time passed fairly quickly for once, it was a bit of a bumpy ride at about 1am but apart from that it was a smooth ride despite it blowing a gale outside which did surprise me! Once we docked and got told to go down to the vehicles we continued to wait down on the car deck for a good 45 minutes with nothing moving or rather nothing that I could see as I was at the back of the boat along with another guy on a bike from Wales. Eventually things started moving and as we approached the front of the ship I saw the reason for delay, a rather newish car had broken down on the ramp blocking half the exit. After getting through border control which seems to take forever these days I rode along to the railway station with the Welsh chap as he was going to get a train home and didn’t know where the station was. After leaving him at the station not too sure whether or not he would be able to get home that day or not due to him not be able to book his bike on the train. So although he was able to get on a train with his bike apparently if somebody further down the line had already booked thier bike on he would have to get off! For some strange reason you can buy a ticket for yourself to go on a train on the day but you can’t book a bike on at the same time it has to be done in advance! What a wonderful system!! I do hope he got home ok! I myself was going to go back to the Isle of Wight for the night just to try and get some more miles in and to make the total tour milage over 2000 but it was far to windy it was blowing at about 30mph and I would have been cycling more or less straight into it and the way my ribs are hurting I really couldn’t see the point! So I just decided to have a fast ride home with the wind on my back! Well that’s another tour over with, it’s been tough at times but probably no tougher than any other tour. As for the main reason for going away, to try and fix my back I think it’s about the same! I did try cutting back on my painkillers a couple of times but each time I ended up being too uncomfortable and had to start taking them again! I still have trouble walking any distance and my leg still goes numb if I stand around!  Perhaps my consultant was right when he said I’ll never work again! Now I really don’t know what I’m going to do work wise as I do have to earn a living! If I could get paid for riding my bike that would be ideal as I do put a lot of effort into it all and don’t seem to be too bad at it! But that’s not going to happen! I could start writing that book again or maybe get somebody to write it for me but then I’d still have to get it published! There is another operation that can be done which involves putting loads of nuts and bolts in my back, but my consultant isn’t convinced that would work and there’s a very strong chance that I would be worse off! Basically unless I find some rich old widow or win the lottery I’m knackered! Total miles covered 1957.

4 Replies to “Cycle Touring Spain Tuesday 2nd June. Bay of Biscay to Portsmouth then cycle home. 33 miles.”

  1. Hi Spike. I am pleased you are home safe. It is a shame you didn’t have better weather to greet you on your return. xx

  2. Hi garry this is mike (the welsh chap from above I believe:),well me and my bike made it back to wales without being chucked off the train which was good!!.Thanks for your help showing me to the station ,you are a top bloke and it was good to meet you,off to have a nose around your website,looks interesting,thanks again.Going to follow you on twitter aswell to see about your travels,never know we may bump into each other again somewhere:)

    1. Hi Mike, I’m sorry I couldn’t remember your name but I’m pretty useless when it comes to names! I’m so glad you managed to get back ok without any problems. Good luck with any future rides you may have and you never know we may bump into each sometime in the future.

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