Tuesday 30th July. Towyn to Shawbirch. 71 Miles.

With a weather warning in place for thunder and lightning today, I was on the road nice and early in a bid to beat it! Which wasn’t hard, those blooming seagulls were squawking away from about 3am!

Path bridge trees
The cycle route into Chester

Although, as it turned out I never saw any thunder or lightning! However I did see plenty of showers however, but not until this afternoon.

The morning started off the same as yesterday had finished, cycling along the coast. Which unfortunately didn’t last too long, and I was soon back on the main roads, which I don’t mind!

Clock arch
Eastgate clock Chester

The ride into Chester was nice, once again I was back on that national cycle route 5.

At least I’ve managed to get to more or less where I wanted to be tonight, although I had intended camping!

Man's sore head
My heads a bit sore, from the other day! I suppose it would help if I had more hair!

It was raining and as I stopped under a tree to check the route to a campsite, I spotted a Travelodge across the road! Well, with the rain chucking it down it was too tempting!

Old building
Town hall Chester

Should be in Birmingham tomorrow and possibly get my Brooks saddle sorted out.

4 Replies to “Tuesday 30th July. Towyn to Shawbirch. 71 Miles.”

    1. You’re right, Chester is a lovely place, maybe I’ll return someday and spend a bit more time there.
      That’s a good point, I forgot about the steroids, I don’t normally have that problem!

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