Cycle Touring England Tuesday 30th June. Brockenhurst to Wareham. 49 miles.

Normal service resumed this afternoon I’ve been following the roads and not the cycle routes, because I know best of course! Although I was on them this morning cycling right on the coast from Mudford (where I caught another ferry) all the way to Poole. The aim of today was to get to Corfe Castle and visit a pub called the Fox, I was told by a friend that I should visit the pub as the place had character and the landlord was also a bit of a character, unfortunately when I arrived the place was closed with a note on the window thanking the customers for thier support over the years! Seems as though it could be another pub lost for good! I was going to camp at Corfe Castle but after finding the pub shut there wasn’t a lot of point so I decided to instead head along the coast to Lulworth and visit Durdle Door. That didn’t work out either! The road I took crossed a military firing range and about halfway there after going up some big hill the road was closed and I had to sort of double back on myself! Finding myself near Wareham where Julie and I had camped a couple of weeks ago, I thought balls to it all and headed for the campsite there! Now wondering what or where to go tomorrow?! Not too sure whether or not the link below will work or not. It just always brings a smile to my face when the ponies come visiting! Breakfast time in the New Forest:

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  1. That’s an interesting area and a nice link to the ponies. I once found a quiet place to pitch my tent in Iran and woke up amidst a sea of sheep. I let the shepherd have a go of my bike.
    Best wishes.

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