Bike-Ride to Australia 31st-January-2012

Bike-Ride to Australia Tuesday 31st-January-2012 Khon Kaen to Nakhon Ratchasima. 119 miles. I really couldn’t afford to stay still for another day. My schedule is tight enough as it is, without having a day off. So this morning, I took some Imodium, crossed my fingers (and maybe my legs!) and left the hotel.

I made good progress today. It’s fast riding down these main roads, which is what I need. I’ve got to get a push on. I’ve taken to listening to my music to pass the time. I just put my headphones on, put my head down and keep going! Despite having my headphones and music with me, I’ve never listened to it since leaving home. I prefer to hear what’s going on around me. And know when somebody’s going to hit me! I tend to ride with my ears as much as I do with my eyes.

The only downside to cycling on this main road is that I don’t see a lot. Although the landscape is pretty flat anyway. And the only thing I tend to see is the brightly coloured coaches with their music blaring out, taking the hoards of backpackers to Bangkok. The music is so loud I can hear them coming from miles away, even over the top of my music!

My music certainly worked 119-miles today, or maybe it was the threat of shitting myself again! My stomach is still a bit dodgy, but nowhere as bad as it has been. And considering how long I’ve been on the road and the countries I’ve come through, I’ve done really well to miss out on the squits for this long! Although I’m sure I will get them again at some point, it goes with the territory! I just hope that’s it for now.

Shop sign
Some familiar shops

Cycling into Nakhon tonight, I saw an elephant carrying somebody’s shopping! It beats carrying it yourself! I’m wondering if I should have a Thai curry tonight? But given the past few days, it might not be the brightest of ideas!

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