4 Replies to “Tuesday 31st March; Facebook Video”

  1. Hahaha that’s a good one. You could set up an indoor trainer with a wall sized screen for all your videos. I’ve been a cyciist all my life but compared with you I hardly register and you even do a blog. I’ve been to a few countries but the only place for me now is France.
    What hope for your hip now? You’re lucky to get treated for even Sepsis in this crisis. Wouldn’t it be better if they let the virus run. 40,000 people die anyway in a hard winter.
    Well, we got past April 1st he!he!

    1. France is a lovely country, and if you can only travel to one country, you could do a lot worse! Hopefully, I’ll be on that first ferry once they open up! Although I’d take cycling anywhere at the moment! Stay safe

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