Tuesday 3rd April 2012 – Border Village to Nullarbor.

Border Village to Nullarbor. 116 miles

Flies and sun today! The flies just don’t leave you alone the only way to get rid of them is to ride over 18mph then they can’t keep up but as soon as you slow down there back!

The suns been pretty hot again today and no shade, not that it’s worth stopping cause you just get swarmed by flies!

The beginning of the ride today was pretty cool riding along the coastline on top of the cliffs, you could see for miles along the coastline, saw some pretty big waves and the sea was such a lovely blue colour.

Don’t think much to the roadhouse tonight very expensive. Normally I can fill up my water bottles from the tap in the toilets, not here you have to buy bottled water at $6 a bottle! And where you have to pitch the tents is miles from the toilet block! Might not make it in the morning!

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