Tuesday 5th May. Bay of Biscay/Santurtzi to Villarcayo. 62 miles.

Spent the evening in the bar ( unusually out of character for me!) watching the football before going to bed. Went off to sleep fairly quickly until about 3am when we must have hit some rough seas, the boat was rolling around and car alarms started to go off! It wasn’t really that rough just rough enough to make it uncomfortable and keep me awake! If I lay on my side I would just keep rolling from side to side, if I lye’d on my back I was fine I didn’t move to much but I’m just too uncomfortable like that! For once I was the first off the ferry and yes my bike was fine they had tied it down on! Once past passport control I had the normal problem of finding my way out of Santurtzi/Bilbao but I obviously got there in the end! It was good to be moving again after sitting around all day yesterday. Spain has lived up to my expectations and memories for being very hilly I’ve had two fairly big climbs over 700 metres and there’s been snow around on the higher peaks, I don’t mind the big climbs at the moment as it needs to be a kill or cure tour as far as my backs concerned and at the moment it’s kill! The last 12 miles today were hard it was getting a bit late and I’d picked up a strong headwind! Managed to find a campsite tonight which I was surprised about I was expecting to stay in hotels until I got down to the coast, mind you there is only me here! That’s twice now I’ve had the campsite to myself the same thing happened in France a couple of weeks ago! I know I smell when I arrive but I soon shower and scrub up!

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