Tuesday 6th December 2011

Turkish waiter
Yohan serving the Testi Kebab

Talking to the waitress at breakfast this morning made me feel really good! She said that it only takes six hours on the bus from Ankara to Istanbul and anybody with any sense takes the bus not the train as it’s so slow! At least in my favour I didn’t have a choice with the bike and it cost less than £9! Apparently the story goes that the rail network was built by the Germans and they were payed by the metre, hence the track twists and turns so much and takes so long! Didn’t have anything to really do today apart from play the tourist, which I did for half the day! Soon got fed up with that, I’m not a very good tourist on my own! I did go up the Galata tower and got a good view across the city and walked around for a bit then went back to the hotel and sat in the bar doing emails and photos onto the website, how sad is that! Couldn’t even go for a ride seeing as the bikes in about a thousand and one pieces! Went out this evening to eat at one of the places I ate at last weekend and was remembered. They must all have very good memories, as most places I’ve been over the last day or so, that I was at last weekend, they have all remembered me, even a couple of locals shops that I just walk by say hello are you back again! In the photograph you can see Yohan with the Testi Kebabi at www.homemadeistanbul.com

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