Tuesday 6th March 2012 – Merak to Jakarta. 76 miles

Merak to Jakarta. 76 miles

Thought breakfast was at 6 this morning, so I was I up, all packed and ready to leave straight afterwards. Went to the restaurant only to discover I’d got the time wrong and it wasn’t for another half an hour, which was pretty good news really, it meant I had time to go for an early morning swim in the hotel pool. Best make the most of it don’t get pools very often!

The roads here are so busy, they feel busier than the roads in India, but maybe I’ve just got used to quieter roads. The roads on Sumatra were relatively quiet. Although speaking to a couple of men at lunchtime, they said it’s only around Jakarta it’s so busy it’s not quite as bad once your past there, we’ll see tomorrow, hope there write! When I got to Jakarta itself it was more or less grid locked! I was going to just pass through and go on to the next town, but I got my normal lost, as I do in big cities, I couldn’t go anywhere even if I knew which way to go, so I decided I’d stop here for the night, get my bearings and try again in the morning.

Good news is I booked my flight to Australia, hard work, the price went from £100 to £184 in the end after they’d added taxes, fuel surcharges, luggage, food, they even charge you a couple of pounds to pick a seat! But it’ll certainly be the cheapest flight I’ll ever get to Australia!

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