Bike-Ride to Australia 7th-February-2012

Bike-Ride to Australia Tuesday 7th-February-2012 Wiang Sa to Phatthalung. 101 miles. My radio interview came on over my headphones today. What did I say? I intend to camp in Europe and maybe rough it a bit! I’ve camped twice, which was on the first two nights of my trip! I have roughed it a bit, though. Some of the hotels I’ve stayed in have been pretty rough! I’ve had to sleep in my sleeping bag, so I didn’t catch anything from the bed! I even put my tent up in a couple of hotels!

Green hills
Strange looking hills in the middle of nowhere

I went into one of the motorway services today and got served by a ladyboy! Or if it wasn’t, they definitely had the look and sound of a man. Perhaps I should have gone for a feel to double-check!? Second thoughts, I’d rather not know! I must admit I’ve heard all the stories about the ladyboys of Thailand. But that’s the first one I’ve knowingly seen!

Interesting Meal

Supper was different tonight. I had my own barbeque that I cooked at the table. First off, a pot with hot coals came out. Then another pot, with a flat dome in the middle, surrounded by water, came out. The domed pot also had a griddle on the top of it. Next to come out was a plate of meats and seafood, a bowl of vegetables, and a selection of herbs and spices. The idea was the meat and seafood got barbequed on the dome. And the vegetables were cooked in the surrounding water, with herbs and spices added to taste. It was all very lovely, but what a palaver. All I wanted to do was eat!

While sitting in the restaurant, I saw an elephant walk past. It had lights on its back so that other traffic could see it!

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