Tuesday 7th February 2012 – Wiang Sa to Phatthalung.

Wiang Sa to Phatthalung. 101 miles

My radio interview came on, on my headphones again today, what did I say I intend camping in Europe and maybe have to rough it! I camped twice and that was in England. I have roughed it a bit, some of the hotels I’ve stayed in have been pretty bad and I’ve slept in my sleeping bag because I didn’t want to catch anything from the bed! I even put my tent up in a couple of hotels!

Got served by a lady boy today in a shop, or if it wasn’t they had a very husky voice and definitely had the look of a man about them! Perhaps I should have gone for a feel, second thoughts I’d rather not know!

Dinner was different tonight, you sat at the table and out came this pot with charcoal burning in it, with another pot on top of that with water around the outside and a dome in the middle with holes in. You was then brought a bowl of different meats and seafood, a bowl of vegetables and some different spices. The idea being you cooked the meat on the dome in the middle and the veg in the water around the edge and added the spices as you wanted. It was very nice but a bit of a palava all I wanted to do was eat!

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