Tuesday 8th May 2012 – At The Dentist

Day of sorting odd bits out. One of my implants had worked itself loose so it was off to the dentist first, managed to get in straight away, it just needed the screw tighten up and then re-fixing, it was all pain free until It came to paying the bill, over $200! Ouch!

Booked the bike in to be serviced on Friday, also got bits for packing my stuff up for when I move on.

Had a little play on the tennis court this afternoon and managed to hit the ball out of the court and into the bush behind, so off I went to retrieve the ball, it was all long grass and rotting trees lying on the ground, ideal places for snakes to be hiding I thought, so I wasn’t that happy walking through it in my shorts and sandals. As I was keeping a close eye on the ground looking out for snakes I nearly walked into a huge spiders web with a big brown and yellow spider sitting in the middle of it! Luckily I soon found the ball and got out of there pretty quickly!

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