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Bicycle-Touring Europe 8th-October 2013 Sveti Stefan, Montenegro to Bushat, Albania. 69 miles. Well, I left the hotel this morning and wished I’d hadn’t! It‘s been another wet day, and by 4 o’clock, I’d had enough and checked into a hotel.

Rainbow over building
A rainbow over the hotel this morning

At the hotel in Sveti last night, a rather large family had checked in. Not too sure if all the children were from the same family. But there was about six of them running around screaming! Which didn’t bother me too much. It made for some entertainment! However, I did get a bit annoyed when I found a couple of them playing near my bike! My bike was in a courtyard/storage area in the hotel, so there was no need to be in there. After seeing them playing in the room, I went over to see what they were up to. And have a bit of a go at them. I checked my bike over but couldn’t see anything wrong. Not until this morning anyway! The little !*!@%? Had taken my dust caps, hardly the crime of the century, but it still annoyed me!

I did um and ah for quite a while this morning whether to leave the hotel or not. The weather wasn’t great, and although it wasn’t raining constantly, there were plenty of showers around. But I couldn’t face another day sitting around the hotel, watching TV! Or those kids! So I took the plunge and left and almost instantly regretted it when the first shower started! And that’s how the weather has been all day, one shower after another! No sooner would I dry off from one storm than it would start raining again!

It’s a rough old hotel tonight, but the shower was nice and hot! The sign outside says they have a restaurant. They don’t! When I asked about the restaurant, I got directed to the petrol station across the road, and the little supermarket! But for €15 for the night, I don’t mind cooking my own dinner. After all, it’s not as though I can’t.

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