Tuesday 9th October 2012 – Korgas to the top of some mountain range!

Korgas to the top of some mountain range! 78 miles.

Because I’ve lost two hours now I’m in China it doesn’t get light until well gone 8 o’clock now, I didn’t leave the hotel until after 8 and it wasn’t light then. Think the people at the hotel thought I was made wearing shorts, it was a bit cold to start with but once the sun had come up it was really warm.

Spent nearly all day going up hill just like the last time I was here! Been riding for over 10 hours today and still didn’t manage my 80 miles! Lovely ride despite the going up hill part! Very scenic with the snow covered mountains and a huge lake at the top, hope my pictures do it justice!

Started to descend at the end of the day, saw a sign saying maybe a towns 20 miles away, but it was just too cold to go flying down the mountain at this late stage of the day without putting on loads more layers, also it might not be a town, I can’t read Chinese, my maps on such a large scale it only shows a few of the bigger towns. It might not have a hotel even if it is a town and then I’d be looking for somewhere to camp in the dark, which is never good. So all in all decided to stop at the top here and just put all my layers on and then keep them on for going down hill tomorrow.

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