Bicycle Tour Video Diary France October 2017 Episode 1

More silliness from Garry as he tries his hand at video blogging covering his tour of France!

This first episode covers Garry leaving home and his first leg in France from St Malo to Avranches.

Obviously he’s got too much time on his hands at the moment!

The video

Alternatively you can always watch this and plenty of other videos that Garry has made by visiting his YouTube channel.


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2 Replies to “Bicycle Tour Video Diary France October 2017 Episode 1”

  1. An interesting trip. I envy you. The transition from your house to cabin to campsite was good. There was only your bike in the hold. You must be a good map reader to pick those off road lanes. You have a good cycling cadence but your position doesn’t give you much shelter from the wind. What’s for supper?

    1. I was the only cyclist on the ferry, which isn’t surprising really, not many people want to go to France cycling at this time of year!
      I’d like to say that yes I am a good map reader but the truth is they were all cycle paths that were well signposted with the little man!

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