Bicycle Tour Video Diary France October 2017 Episode 4

The final instalment of Garry’s video diary from his tour of France. (I bet your all glad of that!)

In this episode Garry has a little cycle around the island before heading home.

the video

Let Garry know your thoughts on these video good or bad!

You can view the whole series here if you really want to!

2 Replies to “Bicycle Tour Video Diary France October 2017 Episode 4”

  1. That was a tough one Garry – just you and your shadow on the road. Sometimes it seems as if you’re the last man on earth – the only tent on the campsite. I tried to find out about Shutes at the records office but there’s nothing clear cut. Keep riding man.

    1. That’s all it normally is me and my shadow!
      You don’t get many people camping at this time of year it’s a little too cold for most people!
      Shutes is an unusual term and there must be some reason behind it!

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