Bike-Ride To Australia-Video Dogs In Serbia

Bike-Ride To Australia-Tour-Video dogs in Serbia. A video posted on Garry’s Flickr page shot on his 22,000-mile cycle ride around the world.

After a month of cycling, Garry reached Turkey. But now, his onward route through Iran was blocked. So while Garry waits for a flight to India, he’s filling his time posting some videos he’s shot on his journey so far.

Garry was in Serbia, where the local dogs would regularly chase Garry! In anticipation of it happening again, he set his camera rolling!

Bike-Ride To Australia Video Dogs In Serbia

Cycle to Australia

An updated version of this video was added many years later on Garry’s YouTube channel, which isn’t quite as basic! The newer version is a compilation of photos and videos taken on the ride from England to Turkey. Click here to view.

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