Great Britain Bike-Ride 10th-September-2014

Garry McGivern’s bike-ride of Great Britain 10th-September-2014 Heighington to the Kielder Forest. 64 miles. Unfortunately, I was right about it being hillier today. It’s been very hilly. The roads have been a bit like a roller coaster ride. It’s been constantly going up and down right from the beginning of the day. But at least with the hills comes better scenery. The views today have been the best so far on this trip.

Scenic view over hills
Looking out over the Northumberland National Park

I was thinking today that we get ripped off so much in the south. A pint of beer last night cost me £3.15. The exact same pint back in my local costs me £4.30. that’s £1.15 difference. Why?? The landlady was a lot more helpful than the landlady in my local. Not only did she give me menus for takeaways, but she also rang them for me. I think they might get a lot of takeaways themselves, judging by their size. That’s a bit rude, I know, but true! I also think they wanted the deliverers to know they recommended me, so they got an extra discount, which was fine with me.

I ordered large cod and chips, plus kebab and chips, with a free bottle of fizzy. (I was hungry!) And all it cost me was £8.50! I couldn’t see the landlady in my local ordering a takeaway for me, well, not without adding her 50% on top!

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