Wednesday 10 September Heighington to Kielder Forest. 64 miles.

Well I was certainly right about it being a bit hillier today, it’s been very hilly! The roads been more like a roller coaster ride going up and down right from the start this morning but at least it’s a lot more scenic than it’s been so far. Reflecting on last night, I think we do get ripped off so much in the south! A pint of beer was £3.15 exactly the same pint back home £4.30! The pub that I camped at didn’t do food but the landlady got a takeaway menu out for me got me to choose what I wanted then rung up for me and got it delivered to the pub, large cod and chips and also a kebab and chips (I was hungry!) A free bottle of fizzy all for £8.50! I couldn’t see the landlady in my local doing that, well not without adding her 50% on top!

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