Wednesday 10th October 2012 – Top of a mountain to Jinghe.

Top of a mountain to Jinghe. 76 miles.

Very cold night last night, but I was prepared for it and went to bed in my thermals! I was lovely and warm in my sleeping bag it was just hard work forcing yourself out of a nice warm bag into the cold outside and it was pitch black! Managed to make myself get up and had some nice hot coffee and noodles for breakfast before packing everything away. Once all packed and loaded I them put on loads more layers, I knew it would be cold going downhill and it was nearly two hours just going downhill, I was warm enough with all my layers, it was just my fingers and toes that felt a bit cold. Once down on the level ground and I was pedaling again I soon started to shed the layers until I was back in my shorts and t-shirt.

Nice early finish, mainly due to coming down that hill, I got here at about 2 o’clock and unsure how far the next town was I decided to stop.

Hopefully I’ve sorted that problem, I managed to get a more detailed map in Chinese, which should last a few hundred miles. Don’t mind not knowing where I’m going to end up, but do at least like to know that there is somewhere I can end up at!

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