Wednesday 11 March. Gravesend to Colchester. 54 miles.

Much better ride today although still not up to my normal milage. I probably could have carried on cycling a bit more today, but then I thought why turn a relatively easy day into a long hard day! (Just me being lazy really!) This morning didn’t get off to the best of starts, after leaving the hotel nice and early this morning I then had a bit of trouble finding the ferry! It was well hidden with only a little sign pointing towards it and that one took you to the old jetty where it isn’t anymore it’s now moved about 300 yards down river! Once on the little foot passenger ferry it was all going well until about half way across when suddenly the engines slowed and we came to a halt mid channel! I’d seen a big cruise ship go up the river whilst I was waiting for the ferry, now it had turned around and was docking right next to where we were going to dock so we had to wait mid channel until it had docked which took a good half an hour, my short 5 minute crossing turned into more like 40 minutes! One hour after leaving the hotel this morning I’d managed to cover one whole mile! And even at my current pace that’s bad! The rest of the day was a fairly pleasant ride following the main A12 on the old road that runs alongside it or on the cycle path on the side the road.

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