Cycle Touring India Wednesday 12th October. Dhule.

After sleeping on and off for most of the day yesterday I felt a bit better in the evening and ventured down to the restaurant. When I arrived I was greeted by about five men, they were all celebrating some festival that I’d heard going on earlier and they all in turn greeted me with closed hands, bowed down, touched my knee and foot then gave me a small leaf, which simbolised togetherness apparently!

Street art
One of the brightly coloured drawings that was ouside every shop meaning welcome

Decided that it’s probably best to stay put for another day at least, as I’m still feeling pretty weak!

View from hotel room
View from my room

Not really anything to report today still not feeling brilliant and spent nearly all day in my room, luckily I’ve found one channel on the tv that’s in English and it’s actually a good channel as it’s it about things I like, food and travel!

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