Wednesday 13th May. Ciudad Real to Montoro. 91 miles.

Disappointingly last night and tonight I’ve had to stay in a hotel! Last night was the first time on this trip and as per normal there was some convention going on in town so all the hotels were booked up apart from the more expensive rooms! I spent more last night on the hotel room than I’ve spent in the whole of the previous week! Tonight’s hotel is a third of the cost of last night and much better, but then that’s the joys of stopping in big cities! Had a really hard ride today with four big climbs all well over 800m! I knew it was going to be a hard ride when I looked at the map last night, but I only saw the one climb! I did notice the other climbs once I started riding but by then there wasn’t a lot I could do about it! And as for the forth climb it wasn’t even on the map! Despite the heat which I don’t think was as hot as predicted but it was certainly in the late 30s and the climbs I’ve found it to be ok and not too much of a struggle, the biggest problem I’ve had is keeping hydrated and carrying enough water as towns have been few and far between! I’ve even felt back to my normal self and at one point thought that my back was better until I went onto a cobbled street and found it wasn’t, it bloody hurt! But once off the cobbles I was fine again! I’ve even been a good boy and kept my helmet on all day! Photo; me and the helmet on the highest climb today.
Garry McGivern on top of  Niefla

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