Bike-Ride To Australia 14th-December 2011

Bike-Ride To Australia 14th-December 2011 Akola to Tivsa 81 miles. Tonight’s accommodation is my cheapest so far! It’s cost less than £4! Although if you could see it for yourself, you wouldn’t want to pay more than £4! I’ve actually put my tent up in the room and am sleeping in that tonight. It worked well last night at keeping the mossies out. So I thought I’d do the same tonight. Besides, my tent is a lot cleaner!

Tent clothes and bicycle
My campsite in the guesthouse

After setting up camp in the guest house, I went to find something to eat and drink, as in beer drink! Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any beer. And even had trouble finding some fizzy pop! Finding food wasn’t a problem, there are food stalls everywhere! While eating at one of the stalls, I kept hearing the owner say “cyclist” whenever he spoke to somebody! So he either saw me as I cycled into town, which I doubt very much. The road I came in on is nowhere near his stand! I think it’s more likely that word gets around when some idiot on a bike cycles into town!

Am I Repeating Myself?

I may have said the other day I’m never alone and always get surrounded by people. You can hear them on their phones telling their friends that there’s a westerner in town! I don’t get the whole conversation, but I do hear “Englander” a lot! Before I know where I am, I’m surrounded by a mob of young men. All wanting to take their photo with me and shake my hand! And they all ask the same question, “do I like India and its people?” The police even stopped me today and asked the same question!

Talking to a cotton farmer tonight, he said the food gets less spicy as you get nearer to Calcutta. I wasn’t aware of it being that spicey now! Sure there’s a bit of a kick, but it’s certainly not too hot. Unless they tone it down for me? Speaking of food, lunchtime usually consists of a dhal served with chapatis. Or I’ll have samosa’s, and none of these has been too spicy. Supper is a bit more of a challenge, and I’m never too sure what it is I’m being served! But it’s always nice.

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