Wednesday 14th December 2011

Wed 14. Akola to Tivsa 81 miles

Staying in my cheapest place so far, a guest house for under £4! Walked the short distance from the guest house to some stalls on the main road to get something to eat and drink, no luck with the drink couldn’t find any beer, had trouble finding some coke! Stopped to eat at one of the stalls, whilst I was there I heard the owner say “cyclist” he either spotted me when I rode past earlier or I think word just gets around that there’s a strange English man on a bike staying in town! You can hear whenever I stop people on there phones telling their friends and before you know it you’ve got a captive audience again and they all want to take your photo and shake your hand. Even got stopped by the police on the road and that was just to ask me how I liked India and it’s people, which is what everybody asks!

Was talking to cotton farmer tonight and he was telling me that the food gets less spicy and not so hot the nearer you get to Calcutta, don’t think it’s been that hot and spicy anyway, sometimes I’ll have a dhal with japatees at lunch or something similar, not too sure what I get sometimes, I just ask for food and I normally get something good.

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