Bike-Ride to Australia 14th-March-2012

Bike-Ride to Australia Wednesday 14th-March-2012 Problinggo to Banyuwangi. 115 miles. Mission accomplished I reached Ketapang but cycled straight through! Although it was through choice today! There weren’t any hotels there, so I’ve cycled a mile or so down the road to Banyuwangi.

Wall sea and land
I think that’s Bali in the distance

It’s been a tough few days, and I’ve been on a mission covering over 350 miles in three days. But I’ve made it to the Bali ferry. For much of the past three days, I’ve been cycling along the coast, just yards from the sea. Passing through plenty of small fishing villages, with their boats lined up on the beach, waiting to go out on the next fish. It all sounds pretty nice, which it is until you look at the beach itself. Many aren’t the picture-postcard golden sands and blue sea, dotted with the odd palm tree. Most of them are covered in rotting, smelly rubbish, with the sea a dirty brown colour!

After I’d Finished Cycling

I ordered a whole fish for supper tonight and was looking forward to eating it until I remembered the pollution in the seas around here! However, as soon as the fish turned up, I forgot that and woofed it down! It did help that the power went, and I couldn’t see it too well!

No wonder it’s rained nearly every day since I’ve been in Indonesia. I found out tonight it is the rainy season! Mind you. It’s probably kept the temperature down a bit. I thought I’d better wash out my water bottles tonight. They’ve gone rather green inside!

Why do I always get a hotel next to a mosque! Mind you. I won’t have to worry about that after Sunday when I fly to Australia. At least I don’t have to worry about setting an alarm clock! My phone is still not sorted. I’ll call them when I get to Denpasar. I need to be calm and relaxed with them! Thanks for all the offers of help with the phone but unfortunately it’s me who has to ring and sort it out. I’ve been avoiding it and the stress!

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