Wednesday 16th October 2013 – Estefini to Athens.

 Estefini to Athens. 28 miles.

Still got on the road nice and early despite not having far to go, I know what it’s like when I go into big cities I always get lost and yes as per normal I did! Once I sort of found the centre I found a hotel booked in to make sure I had a room and got a city map from them so I could go in search of the sights, mainly the Acropolis. Whilst I was checking in it started to pour really heavily with rain, so I sheltered in the hotel lobby for an hour or so and picked the receptionists brains as to where bike shops were and where I could get some packaging material from.
The rain just wasn’t letting up so I just went for it I needed to get on.
I found the Acropolis but unfortunately it was up a big hill and not accessible with my bike so never really got my picture taken with it.
Managed to sort packaging and bags for my stuff, the only thing I haven’t sorted is a box for my bike, hopefully I’ll get one tomorrow!

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