Wednesday 16th October. Speyer to Mainz. 62 Miles.

This morning started off where yesterday left off, a bit of a nightmare!

My bike was locked away in a utility room downstairs, rather than have me try and carry it up three flights of stairs!

Speyer cathedral

I was assured last night that I would be able to get my bike out and be on my way as early as I’d like! Fat chance, apparently the janitor decided to lock the door, even though he was told not to!

Thankfully after a quick call to the owner of the apartment, somebody came within half an hour and I was soon on my way.

Pumpkins are in season

On this mornings ride I was passing through loads of villages, I left the Eurovelo route 15 for a while and went the more direct route. But this afternoon I was back on it, cycling through miles upon miles of vineyards, unfortunately it was raining though!

Autumn colours in a vineyard
Lovely colours of the vineyards this afternoon

Riding through those vineyards reminded me of Blue Nun and Black Tower wines, both very 80’s, I’ll have to see if I can get a bottle tonight!

I’d already made my mind up that after yesterday’s debacle I wasn’t going to be in the same situation tonight! I’d stop nice and early, in a big town/city and make sure that I found somewhere!

Autumn colours
More autumnal colours

Just as well I did, tonight’s accommodation turned out to be just as bad as last night! Apparently there’s some book fair going on!

2 Replies to “Wednesday 16th October. Speyer to Mainz. 62 Miles.”

  1. Everywhere you go there are bloody people taking up the best spaces. Still, you’re over the hill and far away and you can get away from them. Looks like nice countryside. Now you’re out of France, I’m lost and can’t keep up with you. Some world cyclists disappear never to be seen again.

    1. People are very annoying, I thought it would be quiet at this time of year!
      Thankfully I’ve been over very few hills!
      Your lost, I’m always lost!

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