Wednesday 17 September. Edinburgh to Bognor by train.

Can’t say that I slept that well last night on the train but to be honest I was just grateful to be able to get the train to London as quickly as I did, I was expecting to have to wait around for a day. I decided that getting the train home was the easier and cheaper option in the end, if I’d have flown I would still have had to get to Edinburgh, probably would have had to spend the night in a hotel, source a box to pack my bike in and all the aggravation that goes along with that, then at the other end still have to get home from Gatwick! Arrived in Euston London about half an hour early it was then a short ride across London to Victoria where again I was lucky enough to jump straight on the train home! Arrived indoors at about 9.30am a long nights travelling but I’m home. Total miles covered 777

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