Wednesday 17th July. Killarney.

Well that was a wasted day!

The weather forecast for today was heavy rain, to start around 7am. So rather than get caught again as I did yesterday I was up bright and early, breakfast over with and everything packed up apart from my tent by 6.30.What happened? You guessed it, it started to rain early!

Campsite for the day

I ummed and ahed for a bit and checked the weather forecast on a couple of apps, which both said the same, 100% chance of heavy rain all morning! Thinking that maybe I was being a bit stupid cycling off in the rain, I decided to stay put. After all I’ve got everything I need here, a lovely quiet, clean site, wifi, I’m close to the showers, in a little area on my own, and there’s a supermarket just down the road, I’d be stupid to move on such a crap day!

Phone box
An old Irish phone box on site

And once again, you’ve guessed it, as soon as I’d unpacked everything, it stopped raining and didn’t rain for the rest of the day!! That’s not actually strictly true, it did rain just not on me! I could see it raining on the other side of the camp and it was raining by the shower block which is only 10 yards away, yet I was as dry as a bone!

Weather forecast list
The forecast was still saying rain even at 5 o’clock yet it was still dry

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