Wednesday 18th January 2012 – Mengyang to Mengxing

Mengyang to Mengxing. 54 miles

Not a good start to the day, went 5km up a hill only to find out at the top that bikes weren’t allowed on the road. I knew it was the main road and not the one I’ve been on since Kunming, I also knew that it wasn’t an expressway and seeing as I couldn’t find my road I thought it would be ok. Obviously not, had to turn around and go back down the hill, eventually found my road after a bit of a detour! The worse thing is the signs on the main road said 110km to the town I thought I’d stay in tonight, on my road it was 150km and more hilly! At least on the way back down the hill I saw a sign in english giving me the name of the town I stayed in last night.
Really hot and sunny today, whereas every else in China it was either snowing or raining according to the tele this morning. I’ve managed to burn the back of my hands today, never had that you’d have thought they’d have been use to the sun, perhaps I’ll put some cream on them tomorrow!
Pretty crap hotel tonight and expensive £11!



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