Wednesday 21st December 2011

Wed 21. Barakot to Kendujhargarh. 70 miles.

Left the lodge house this morning with the normal crowd of onlookers watching me load my bike up, all intrigued about what I’m doing and why!

Might have to put another layer on in the mornings soon there’s definitely a chill in the air, wasn’t cold for too long though. Hard ride today a lot of up hill and the tarmac on the road just kept stopping and turning into what I could only describe as like the surface on the moon! And this is the main highway between Mumbai and Calcutta! You’d get some tarmac back and think that’s it now, but then you turn the next corner and it’s gone again or the lorry that just over took you, you can hear it bouncing along. When I did have tarmac I started to watch and listen to the lorry’s to see what the surface was going to be like! Wasn’t going to stop where I am tonight, I was going to push on to the next town, but after about 2 miles the road started to deteriorate again, not knowing if there was any accommodation at the next town, the bad road, a strong head wind and I’d had enough, I turned around and headed back into town as there was loads of hotels. Couldn’t find one with internet access though which seems to be one of my requirements these days!

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