Bike-Ride To Australia 21st-December 2011

Bike-Ride To Australia Wednesday 21st-December 2011 Barkote to Kenonjhar. 70 miles. I left the hotel this morning with a fully charged phone. The electricity had come on at some point in the night. I also left with a big crowd of onlookers, intrigued by my bike and me! It’s starting to cool down a bit now, especially when I set off first thing in the morning. I might have to put a layer on!

Dusty road
The rough road today

Tough cycling today, there’s been a lot of hills, and the asphalt has been intermittent! Considering this is the main road from Mumbai to Calcutta, I would have thought it would have been better. But it is what it is! One minute it’s nice smooth asphalt. The next minute the road resembled something like the moon! Then the tarmac would come back, and I’d think that was the end of the moonscape. But then, around the next corner, the asphalt had disappeared again! In the end, I gave up trying to see if there wasn’t asphalt or not; instead, I relied on the many trucks that came past me. If they weren’t bouncing about all over the road, I knew it would be easy riding, but if the lorry was rocking from side to side, I knew I was in for a tough patch!

I had intended to push on a bit further today, but the road deteriorated once again two miles out of Kenonjhar. As there were plenty of hotels in Kenonjar and I’d had enough of the road today, I decided to turn around. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a hotel with the internet, which seems to be one of my requirements these days!

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