Wednesday 22nd August 2012 – Aktua to Shetpe.

Aktua to Shetpe. 80 miles.

It was good to get moving again, what with all the messing about over the past few days.

Certainly learnt one thing today, make sure I stick to main roads. They’re bad enough!

Left Atkau this morning and decided to take a secondary road as it was a more direct route. It all started off well managed to find the road ok, which was pretty good, considering there’s not many signs. The road was in a fairly good condition much to my surprise, I’d read and heard that the roads here in Kazakhstan were really bad, so this was a real surprise, maybe their not that bad after all! It didn’t last long I crossed a railway line, which is always a good landmark for making sure your on the right road. There was a sign saying bumpy road for 5kms and it was bumpy the road had just seemed to disappear, no problem it’s only for 5km! It wasn’t the road just got worse and worse, it was more like a track now, it was impossible to ride in parts the dust was so deep you just ground to a halt! Fell of once where I didn’t see the dust, it was obviously a fairly well used track because it was four tracks in a lot if places where cars and lorries were trying to find the best way through! Spent as much of the time walking and trying to push my bike through the dust 30 miles this went on for and took me a good 5hrs! Eventually got to the main road which wasn’t a lot better but at least it was tarmac, even though it was in very bad state, it was still better than the sand!

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