Wednesday 23rd July. Branscombe to Brixton. 81 miles.

Met a bloke at the campsite last night who’s planning to cycle around the world in 2015, had a good conversation with him on his route and different other bits, he’s unsure of his route at the moment but whichever route he takes I wish him well and I’m sure he’ll succeed! Nice early start today I was on the road for 6 o’clock and had a nice bit of downhill to start with, but it wasn’t long before I was climbing again! Bit of bad timing this morning I arrived in Exeter at rush hour and had to go round one of the rounderbouts that feed the M5, that was pretty hairy stuff! Once I was out of Exeter I managed to find a lovely cycle path that ran along the Exe estuary for about 8 miles, that’s the longest flat piece of cycling I’ve had since the Isle of Wight and that’s not flat! Ended up having a really long day, I was going to stop at about 4 o’clock but decided not too as I was sure another campsite would come up! Famous last words, it took me three hours to find another site! But at least I managed to do 80 miles today! Photo: Dartmouth Dartmouth

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