Wednesday 23rd May 2012 – Fallon to Austin.

Fallon to Austin. 112 miles.

Riding along the Lincoln highway at the moment, I think somebody called it the lonely highway, I can see why there’s not much traffic, which is pretty nice.

Left Fallon this morning with a bit of a tailwind which later in the day was pretty strong and blowing across me.

Different scenery again today I was riding through salt flats first thing, then I started to climb again, don’t think I’ve been below 2500ft since Monday, I’m camping at 6500ft tonight.

Lunch was in a proper wild west saloon. The foods starting to get a bit boring already, I could have a burger or a burger, that’s all any of these places seem to serve!

Met two young lads on the road today who are walking from the west coast to the east coast, they think they’ll do it in 7 months! They do about 30 miles a day which I think is a really good distance.

Had trouble finding accommodation tonight the 3 motels and the one b&b were all full up, apparently there’s a lot of building going on nearby so there all full of workers, managed to pitch my tent in a rv park right next to the church.

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