Wednesday 25th January 2012 – Kioukacham to Kasi.

Kioukacham to Kasi. 59 miles

Not much sleep last night I ended up sharing my room! After checking in and sorting my bike out I went and had a shower, when I got back to the room the she was, I’d like to think she was female, the biggest spider I’ve ever seen, in real life anyway, I didn’t fancy sharing my room with her so I tried to catch her but she was too quick and run under the bed, I pulled the bed out to try again but she had gone! Put the bed back and went out for something to eat, upon returning I had another quick look for her but couldn’t see her so just went to bed with visions of her crawling over me or even getting into bed with me! I wrapped that quilt around me so tightly nothing was going to get in, eventually I got so tired I fell asleep only to woken up at 4.30 by some cockerel outside my window! Never did see that spider again, maybe she’s stowed away somewhere in my bags! That happened to me last year, after returning from Spain, but that’s another story. Showed the owner the picture of the spider in the morning and he looked a bit worried and stepped out of the room asking if it was still in there!

I was ready to leave quite early and was just about to leave when I noticed my tyre was slightly down so, I knew that it had a puncture as I’d pumped my tyres up the night before. After fixing the puncture the restaurant was open so decided to have some noodle soup before leaving.

Bumped into the French couple from yesterday again, they’d over taken me while I was fixing my puncture and having breakfast so rode with them again for the morning which was nice, we stopped for lunch which is where we parted company, they decided to stay in a guesthouse where we had lunch as Victor wasn’t feeling too good and I think Natalie had had enough anyway. I pushed on another 40km knowing it was mainly down hill which it was although there was one really steep climb towards the end. The road even levelled out right at the end! Hopefully there’s only one more day of big climbs, from what I’ve been told!

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