Wednesday 25th September 2013. Lindau to Weisenbach, Austria. 67 miles

Lindau to Weisenbach, Austria. 67 miles.

Well that wasn’t a very good start to the day finding that my breakfast had been stolen in the night, I’d brought a nice roll and some ham ready for breakfast. I heard some rustling in the night and thought that something was after the ham so I moved that into the inner tent with me, not realising that they’d already stolen the roll! Luckily I still had the ham and one packet of noodles left from China!

Once I’d packed up and started moving it started to get really misty or I thought it was mist, it was in fact smoke I could smell smoke but just thought that somebody had a fire or something, it wasn’t until a few miles up the road that a car flashed me, to which I stopped, luckily the women spoke English and told me that the road was blocked because there was a farm on fire and I’d have to find another route but it still wouldn’t be good as the whole valley is filled with smoke! I thanked her for her help but not knowing any other way I continued up the country road which was also the cycle route. After another mile or two I came upon the fire or a few hundred yards from it anyway, the road was blocked off by fire engines and an ambulance! With no way through and the smoke really thick I asked one of the firemen which way I should go, he said if I go right and go up the hill to the next village then take another right and go up another hill that should bring me out on the right road! Sure enough he was right it did and as I rode up the first hill I was out of the smoke and in lovely sunshine which lasted all day.

Had some really big hills or rather mountains to climb up today (making up for yesterdays flat ride I think!) but I don’t mind so much if I know that I’m on the right road and going in the right direction!

Even though I was on the German/Austrian border last night it wasn’t where I wanted to cross, so I’ve spent most of the day cycling along it before finally crossing into Austria late this afternoon, not sure if I’ve come the best way though it’s been really hard going!

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