Travelsonabike2 India Wednesday 26th-October-2016

Garry McGivern Travelsonabike2 is cycle touring in India on Wednesday, 26th-October-2016. Lalipur to Jhansi. 65 miles. Nice breakfast at the hotel this morning, a cup of tea and some dry bread! Still, it’s more than I normally get. I usually have to get something on the street on the way out of town, which is usually puffed rice and is always tasty!

Coffee and dried bread
Nice breakfast!

Every day, I get asked to stop for a cup of chai, and usually, I decline because if I stopped every time somebody asked me, I’d never get anywhere! But sometimes I do, and today I did just because I was bored!

Indian women washing clothes in a stream
Doing the washing

It was one of those occasions where the man didn’t really want to make conversation. He probably finds it as tough going as I do! He’s just pleased to have you in his place drinking tea.

Nearly ended up cycling straight past Jhansi today. I was just following the road, thinking that there would be a turn-off soon. But there wasn’t, well there was, but it was a bit inconspicuous and not signed. But luckily, I spotted it or rather not, and had to cycle back to find it.

Goats walking down a track
Taking the goats for a walk

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