Wednesday 27th May. Campos to Santiago de Compostela. 77 miles.

It’s been another long and exhausting day with big hills and a strong headwind but at least I’ve made it to where I wanted to be tonight! I can tell I’m back in Spain because of the hills they’ve been none stop all day! Ealier this morning I passed some forest fire’s but luckily they were on the other side of the valley and there was also a big lake in between me and them so they didn’t bother me, I found it interesting watching the helicopters and an airplane dropping thier cargo of water on the fires then going off to reload with another load of water, I didn’t see where they were getting it from, but after about 10 minutes they would return fully loaded ready to drop on the fires once again. I was going up some big hills on the other side of the valley so I was able to watch this all going on for some time! Photo; the forest fire’s this morning.
Forest fires across the bay of Vigo

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  1. It’s like a bull fight – you and the wind. What have you got in all those bags? Not many cyclists could match your schedules.

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