Bike-Ride to Australia 29th-February-2012

Bike-Ride to Australia Wednesday 29th-February-2012. Bengkulu to Manna. 85 miles. Now I thought people in previous countries had been friendly. But I think the Indonesian people win by a country mile! Everybody and I mean everybody, from the smallest of children to teenagers, mums, dads, grandpa’s and grandma’s, all wave and say “hello, mister.” And the look of delight on their faces when you acknowledge them is unbelievable! Going through some villages, so many people come out it’s hard to acknowledge everybody.

Fishing boats
Fishing boats

Most families sit out on their front porch. As you enter the village, whoever is sitting on the porch, calls out to the rest of the family. Who then all come out shouting and waving. This then continues all the way through the village. I create quite a commotion! But interestingly, if I stop, I’m not mobbed, unlike in India. People are a bit more reserved here.

And as for going past a school full of teenage girls, they get hysterical like I’m some sort of pop star! I’ve never encountered anything like it. It’s all very nice and flattering, but it does get a bit much all the time! I’ve got a theory why people are so happy. They’re glad I’ve not stopped and carried on!

It’s Not All Good

Sad news from home today, one of my friends has lost their life to cancer. That’s the second since I left home, such a cruel disease. Don’t forget you can help in the fight against cancer by donating to my ride, which, let’s not forget, is in aid of cancer research charities. I left home four months ago to the day today. And I’ve come quite a way, nearly 7500 miles! But there’s still a long way to go. You can donate here.

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