Wednesday 29th February 2012 – Bengkulu to Manna.

Bengkulu to Manna. 85 miles

Now I thought people had been friendly in the other countries that I’ve been through, but I think they definitely win here! Nearly everybody, and I mean everybody, from the little children to teenagers, from mums and dads to grannies to grandpas they all wave and say hello mister. The smile and look of sheer pleasure on their faces when you acknowledge there hello with either a smile, wave or hello yourself, you wouldn’t believe! Going through some villages it’s just so hard to acknowledge everyone. Most family’s sit on the front porch. As you enter the village one family spots you and you can see the houses all along the road, someone from each house is calling to the rest of the family to come and see the idiot riding his bike through their village, it does create a bit of a commotion and as for going past a school full of teenage girls, they get hysterical like I’m some sort of pop star! I’ve never encountered anything like it. It’s very nice and flattering but it does get a bit much all the time! One theory I’ve got is that there so happy and delighted that I’ve not stopped and carried on!

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