Wednesday 2nd May 2012 – Coffs Harbour to Maclean.

Coffs Harbour to Maclean. 78 miles.

Thought I was back in Malaysia this morning the scenery seemed to have changed over night, there just seemed to be banana plantations all around, but then I think they call this stretch of coast the banana coast!

Loads of roadworks on the road today where there upgrading the road to a dual carriage way, gets a but dicey sometimes when the road narrows and you get the big trucks come past, but I’ve survived.

Saw some small or rather baby crocodiles in a creak today, just caught a glimpse of one sunning itself on a piece of wood in the water, but when I stopped to have a look he must have heard me and quickly went into the water, thought that’s good I wanted to get a photo, but then I saw a smaller one on a piece of wood who didn’t move at all so got a couple of photos of him, don’t know where the parents were but I was up on the road and the water where the crocs were was about 15ft away so no danger.

Staying in a small town called Maclean tonight, in a pub, not sure if that’s a wise move or not! In the bar before I had a shower I was talking to some locals, telling them about my trip, they then got a girl from the local paper to interview me, so hopefully I’ll appear in the Clarence Valley Review!

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